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Each week we will present for you a different Sheikh or Dai, known for their advocacy of the Haqq and struggle against falsehood. We will share biographical information including their education, their efforts, and a small assortment of their most renown books and / or lectures, along with links to more, insha’Allah.

THIS WEEK:  Sheikh Nasir ibn Hamad al-Fahd (May Allah hasten his release)



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[NEW] Mujahideen Take  Saraqib, Capture Russian Tank and Weapons

[NEW] Idlib Civilians Say “NO!” Block M4 Highway, Protest Russian Patrols, Forcing Turks to Make New Deal Excluding Russian Patrols

Taliban Announce USA Capitulation, Agreement to Complete Total Withdrawal of All US Troops From Afghan Soil Within 14 Months

Taliban Victory! (click here to watch video)

Turkish Operation In Idlib:

 Turkish news media reports that in just 2 days, more than 2200 pro regime militia / Syrian soldiers were killed, and 30 tanks were destroyed, along with multiple other military vehicles and missile systems.

12 Villages in Idlib Province Liberated by Rebels/Mujahideen with Turkish Air and Heavy Artillery Support


[NEW] Turkey Releases New Air Strike Footage

[NEW] The Latest on the Situation in Idlib- Abdussamad Dagum One on One with HTS Spokesman——– (watch video)


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AL-RISALAH MAGAZINE- Brought to you by the Syrian Mujahideen


NEW in ‘Reviving the Ummah

Virtue and Imprisonment: The Two Inseparable Companions [read blog post]


NEW in ‘Global War on Islam’:

Rich Saudis Buying “Halal” Organs, Sourced from Murdered Uyghurs in China “Slaughter-on-Demand” Scheme[read blog post]